Investment Property Tax Accountants

If you’re already an investment property owner or planning to invest in one, our team of Investment Property Tax Accountants can provide you with innovative accounting and advisory services to help you manage your property tax obligations. By being on your side, our team will make your investment property work for you.

With an increasing number of people becoming investment property owners, there is a great demand for obtaining prudent property tax advice addressing the concerns of Capital Gains Tax (CGT), capital growth, tax benefits, negative gearing, and future retirement. A negatively geared rental property is one where the rental return is less than the interest payments and other property-related expenses. Our property accountants in Melbourne assess the current position of your property and its rental yield to maximise the tax benefit from your investment property.

Key Focus Areas of Investment Property Tax

  • Capital Gains Tax
  • Property Ownership
  • Negative Gearing
  • Property Tax Deductions

Why choose our property accountant services


We specialise in the complex areas of property taxation and CGT to assist property owners in their investment journey.


As registered tax agents, we help you reduce your overall tax liability with the correct use of your investments in property.


Our team ensures the accuracy of assessments made to evaluate your capital gains, rental yield, and tax liability.


We support your investment, and offer ongoing email and call assistance to answer your property tax queries.


We will help you assess the position of your property and reap tax benefits of the negatively geared property.


We understand the real estate market, and can help you with your property tax deductions, claims and benefits.

We can make your investment property work for you.

What Our Clients Say

I have worked with Nikhil for years and I am very happy with his advice and guidance for both, my business and personal finances. He has saved me a lot of money over the years and is always just a phone call away. He listens and works with me to provide effective solutions to achieve my financial goals and grow my business.
Chris Fulham
Managing Director - Rococo Group

How we can help you

The questions about the title of your investment property, structure under which the property should be owned, pros and cons of these structures, etc. are arguably the most important ones that you will ask us. As a team of diligent Tax Accountants, we at Four Quarters answer these questions for you to arrive at an informed decision which will help you save thousands of dollars in tax benefits and tax concessions on your investment property.

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